In a quaint little town, in a quaint little neighborhood on a quaint little street just south of the city, a history-making event took place just 18 short years ago. The folks in attendance were your regular Joe's. They were hard working, clean living, fun loving guys and gals with a few extra five-gallon buckets of rocky mountain oysters on their hands. So they just did what came naturally...they filled a couple of coolers full of beer, gathered up some lawn chairs, mixed up some trash can punch and threw the fries in the cooker.

By the next year, scads of folks from miles around were buzzing about Homer's Backyard Ball. Friends invited friends and those invited their friends. Imagine one person telling six of their closest friends, and those six telling six more and so on...six degrees of separation at its best.

Of course you can't very well drink cold beer (or iced tea) and eat barbeque and calf fries in silence and the little jam box that sufficed in the quaint little neighborhood just didn't cut it out in the great wide open of the infamous Snake Ranch. So a flatbed trailer, some electricity and lights were added and KAZAM...the perfect setting was created for a little Texas Music concert. That was the Coup de Grace...or as they are known, Cooder Graw™. Stage crawlin', undergarment flingin', calf fryin', cold beverage guzzlin', outta tune bellowin' folk from all over the United States (and California) had the time of their lives. Now they're hungry for more.

So, like any good Texan believes...if big is good, bigger is better (except when it comes to bears and jail sentences). The Homer's clan quickly decided that just throwin' a party wasn't good enough. In 2000, Homer's broadened the horizons and turned HBB into a benefit for Make-A-Wish. So, mark the event on your calendar or phone and join us for the best party of the year.