Homer's 2016Cook Off


Homer’s Foundation Looks To Expand Fundraising Efforts

With a mission of supporting local children’s charities there are multiple opportunities to diversify fundraising activities and maximize individual and community engagement.

The Homer’s Foundation

For the last sixteen years the Texas Panhandle has helped build Homer’s Backyard Ball, one of the most popular outdoor music festivals in the four-state area, and collectively helped fund more than one million dollars to local children’s charities.

Thousands of children and their families have been impacted through the hard work of these Amarillo area charities. The volunteer base in the Texas Panhandle has the ability to make an enormous impact on our community. Everyone works together and believes in the greater good that comes from being active in charitable endeavors.

The Homer’s Foundation plans to broaden its fundraising platform through multiple events rather than a once a year activity. Functions being planned may include 5K runs, cook offs, trap & skeet shoots, music festivals, golf tournaments and a gala. The diversity will help involve more people in the community and enhance fundraising potential.

“We are so grateful to the people of the Texas Panhandle for sixteen years of unbelievable support,” said Travis Homer, founder of the Homer’s Foundation. “We will not hold the usual Homer’s Backyard Ball in 2016 however we are pleased to announce we will still have the Homer’s BBQ and Calf-Fry Cook-off held May 21. This is a great next step for our foundation and we look forward to working with the community to benefit children and their families.”


It's been a good one

In a quaint little town, in a quaint little neighborhood on a quaint little street just south of the city, a history-making event took place just 18 short years ago. The folks in attendance were your regular Joe's. They were hard working, clean living, fun loving guys and gals with a few extra five-gallon buckets of rocky mountain oysters on their hands. So they just did what came naturally...they filled a couple of coolers full of beer, gathered up some lawn chairs, mixed up some trash can punch and threw the fries in the cooker...

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